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7 Tips to Grow Your eCommerce Business

7 Tips to Grow Your eCommerce Business Start an Automated Email Marketing Campaign Email is perhaps the easiest medium to form a relationship with your customer through.  Internet users are very likely to open the emails you send to them, especially if they’ve done business with you before.  It’s a great way to suggest more …

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Guestbed- Social Media Management

I co-manage the social media accounts for the band Guestbed.  Over the past 6 months, we have increased the engagement rate on our Instagram page to over 50%.  Considering that the average Instagram account has an engagement rate of 3%, this suggests that we are quite influential among our peers.  Furthermore, although we don't yet …

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tips for fire damage restoration

Fire Damage Restoration

If your home has recently been affected by fire damage, it is crucial that you act immediately.  Chances are, you should call a home restoration company (such as Simple Restoration) who can start work immediately.  However, what can or should you do yourself in the meantime?  It is an extraordinarily confusing and stressful situation, and you …

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web design

The Top 10 Dos and Don’ts of Web Design

) Do Simplify Your Navigation System Although it may seem like a good idea to have a flashy Navigation Toolbar, loaded with links to other pages and possibly even other sites, it’s best to have a simple, straightforward system for navigating your site.  If there are too many options available on your Navigation Toolbar, how …

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